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Who is Shiatsu for?

What is Shiatsu?


Who is Shiatsu for?


Shiatsu is for everyone, tailor-made to your personal needs.


We will discuss the symptom that has been bothering you and based on that information I will suggest a treatment for your personal needs.

Shiatsu takes a holistic approach , in wich body and mind are one.

Therefore, I can also help you if you have been experiencing mental problems.


Below is a list of symptoms that I can treat:



   Stress and burnout

   Sleeping problems

   Neck, shoulder and back complaints

   Muscle tension

   Inflammation of joints, muscle and/or tendons

   Sport-related injuries

   Headache, migraine, dizziness

   Digestive complaints; stomache ache, constipation, diarrhoea

   Immune disorders; allergies, chronic colds

   Pregnancy, post-pregnancy recovery

   Menstruation and menopause problems

   Old-age problems

   Anxiety, depression, insecurity, mood changes

   Anger, sadness, excessive worrying











For information or an appointment please call 06 11 40 44 22


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Haarlem, the Netherlands