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During treatment it is advisable to wear comfy, loose-fitting clothing, as you will be massaged with your clothes on.

You will be lying on the ground on a futon.


The first treatment is 90 minutes and consists of an intake and a massage.

During the intake, I will ask you questions about your symptoms.


I will make a further diagnosis when you are lying on the futon, by means of assessing the zones on your wrists and Hara (abdomen area) with my fingers.

I will also take a look at your tongue.


60-minute follow-up treatments are always made in consultation with the client and they start with a short interview to see how the client has been after the preceding treatment.


Depending on the symptoms and the way you respond to the treatment, we will determine the number of treatments that may be necessary.





For information or an appointment please call 06 11 40 44 22


Shiatsu Buur 

Haarlem, the Netherlands